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We repair all parts we manufacture as well as many of those we distribute.

When sending your struts in for update or repair, please remember to leave the steering arms and brake brackets on the struts. This is very important as these brackets must be in place in order for the struts to be placed in the disassembly fixture. It is also important to leave the nuts on the spindles, tops of the struts as well as on the lower boss of each strut. Wrap each strut individually in a manner which won’t allow one strut to damage the other strut in transit.

Put a letter in with the parts, stating the class, weight, transmission, cubic inches of the race car, and rear tire roll out, along with a brief description of the car (1995 Pro Stock Car, B/EA Competition Eliminator Car, etc.). This way, we can repair/re-valve the struts or shocks specifically for your application. Also state when you would like to have them back. We will do everything possible to return your parts within your time frame.

Finally, please pack all parts well.


  1. Lift the car frame.
  2. Remove the caliper 3/8" bridge bolts, using a 9/16" hex wrench. The caliper stays with the car. Do not remove the caliper bracket from the strut & do not try to remove the floater pins. The floater pins are installed with a special clamping fixture that doesn't damage the pins.
  3. Remove the lamb dust cover from the wheel by hitting on the side with a dead blow plastic hammer. If one is not available, a gap has been provided for prying off.
  4. Remove the cotter pin, spindle nut and wheel/rotor assembly.
  5. Measure the spring height and record. Loosen spring to the bottom of the spring adjuster.
  6. Loosen 15/16" strut shaft retaining nut using a 7/16" hex wrench on shaft. Do not hold the shaft with the 3/8" shock adjuster nut. Severe damage will result.
  7. Loosen 7/16" control arm nut.
  8. Loosen 3/8" tie rod bolt where rod end attaches to the steering arm. Do not remove the steering arm from the strut!
  9. Remove all three nuts (shock, control arm and steering) and remove strut from the car.
  10. Reinstall the control arm nut at the bottom of the strut, shock nut on the shock shaft and spindle nut on the spindle in order to prevent damage to the threads. DO NOT TAPE!! It takes forever to get the adhesive off and might find it's way into the shock during service. If any of the threads, etc., are damaged during shipping, the repair will be charged to the owner.
  11. Wrap struts with packing, making sure they cannot directly contact each other during shipping. Remember: shippers sometimes treat packages like footballs!
  12. Include all pertinent information with struts, such as why the struts are being sent in (crash, general check-up, re-valving, etc.).

We need to know the category of use such as Pro Stock Car, Pro Stock Truck, B/EA, etc.

Please also note the weight, transmission and cubic inches of the racecar, along with a brief description of the car. If the car has an abnormal wheelbase, weight bias, or anything which could affect valving, please note. This way, we can repair/re-valve your struts or shocks specifically for your application. Also state when you would like them back. We will do everything possible to return them within your time frame.

Send Repairs to:
Lamb Components, Inc.
1259 W. 9th Street
Upland, CA 91786-5706