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180B Lamb HD Front Disc Brake System

Front Brakes

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180B Lamb HD Front Disc Brake System

For Chrysler 'B' or 'E' Spindle (fits drum V-8 spindle).

Kit comes with:

Brake Caliper and Rotors

Spindles- Various dimensions will have to be verified to insure correct spindle is chosen - there were several produced on these cars.

Lower Ball Joints- Left and Right side.

Aircraft Mounting Hardware Kit- For lower ball joints. * Requires (2) 180A-4 * Necessary Aircraft Hardware @ $42.00 per side.

The spindles you use in these systems must be sent to us prior to shipping your front disc brake order.  The spindle modification fee is $75 EACH.  Once completed your spindles and brake kit will be completely assembled and shipped to you ready to install.

SKU: 180B-4

Price: $1,435.00

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