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Overhaul kit for Lamb #1600/JFZ/MW/Wilwood caliper

Overhaul kit, O-Rings, Etc.

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Overhaul kit for Lamb #1600/JFZ/MW/Wilwood caliper

(including assembly fluid) - 1-3/4" pistons

1. DO NOT TAKE THE HALVES APART! The only time the caliper halves are to be disassembled is in case of accident, repair or fire. This should only be done by Lamb Components, as we are equipped to properly inspect and check material hardness. Calipers that have been over tempered can lose strength and must be evaluated before reuse.

2. Changing seals is a very easy process and can be performed by anyone. Never use petroleum based solvents on brake calipers. Doing so will destroy all seals, including bridge seals, which will necessitate complete disassembly and rebuilding.

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